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Friday, June 12, 2009

A different way...

Hi all

We were very interested in Resource Bundle files problem. And in a past few days we discovered that there are at least 3 workarounds:

  1. commenting SET tags (current solution)
    pros: easy to implement, no low memory problem cons: no labels on page, cannot add/remove/change labels
  2. using SET tags with one additional backing bean (our solution)
    pros: labels visible on a page, using the same SET tag, can add/remove/change labels (not trough wizard), no low memory problem cons: not so easy to implement
  3. using LOADBUNDLE tag (solution we found on web, not ours L)
    pros: easy to implement, labels visible on a page, can add/remove/change labels (not trough wizard), no low memory problem cons: not using SET tag (in our opinion not a problem at all)

As much as it hurts us to admit, we think that third solution is the best. Pls let us know if it works for u as it works for us. If u need us to explain it in details how to implement (which is just one more line in page J), pls don’t hesitate to ask.

Hope u like it J

Milos Rebic ( & Spiros Dougeridis

P.S. Details: First comment all SET tags. LOADBUNDLE tag is JSF core library tag. When u drag&drop it on a page u should just specify the same things as for SET tag (copy/paste J).

SET tag: = "#{adfBundle['com.mni.mednext.view.messages.frame_titles']}"/> -->


PS2: Example:



Don’t use wizard for adding new labels (it will again create SET tag, and u don’t want that J), do it manualy


Easy, isn’t it J And all tags are visible on page. When u finish with development, erase LOADBUNDLE tags, and uncomment SET tags.


  1. Hi guys, :)

    I think I have a 4th solution with neither SET nor LOADBUNDLE.

    In the faces-config.xml I have
    <faces-config ...>

    And then in any jspx page I just mention "#{bundle.[menu.records.menuName]}", no SET nor LOADBUNDLE, just use it!

    You con even use the Expression Builder of the Property Inspector choosing the "Faces' Resource Budles" node.

    Hope this helps :)

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  3. Hi, Pablo;)))

    Like ur solution very much!!!!!

    I'll just stick to solution nbr.3 :) because I'm foolishly optimistic and I hope that Oracle will fix SET tag in next patch :))))))

    Thnx again for contributing, hope in future we will not need to find so many workarounds:)))))